Vitamix Blender Reviews

Introduction to Vitamix Blenders

Vitamix has been supplying the United States, and the world, with premium blenders for almost 80 years. With a purpose to liberate and nourish the zest for life, it’s clear to see it’s a brand that continues to make its way into kitchens and stay for a lifetime.

Once you purchase a Vitamix, you would wonder why you never found the brand earlier.

Vitamix prides itself on being more than a supplier of a blender. The company’s aim is to provide an all-in-one appliance that can lead people on a journey to health and prosperity, all inspired by food.

With that in mind, there are still some people who aren’t convinced. That is why we are providing this review; to ultimately help you decide which Vitamix blender to buy in 2017.

Ascent Series – A3500, A3300, A2500, A2300

The Ascent Series is the latest addition to the Vitamix range. It can be easy to assume that this Ascent range is relatively similar to the previous series before it, but that could not be further from the truth. You see, the Ascent Series aims to take your meal preparation to a whole new level.

It offers the first high performance blenders with built-in timers and wireless connectivity, as well as delivering convenient meal preparation for everyone in the family. These features are packed into a sleek, contemporary design with either digital or touch screen buttons. Check out the Ascent Series here.

Legacy Series – 5200, 7500, 750, 780

Offering premium meal preparation options, a variety of features and a contemporary design; the Legacy Series is a popular Vitamix series. The benefits are the extensive range of containers and control options which give you full control in the kitchen. The Legacy Series is made up of both C and G series blenders – 5200, 7500, 750 and 780. You can view the Legacy Series here.

Personal Series – S55, S50, S30

The Vitamix Personal Series has been a winner with professional couples and singles looking for a quick and easy meal preparation appliance. With smaller container sizes to cater to fewer portions, it’s the perfect ‘on the go’ option. The personal series is made up of the S55, S50 and S30. Why not check out the Personal Series for yourself, here?

What are you looking for in a blender?

When you’ve decided there’s no time like the present to upgrade your old and tired blender for something more versatile, what are you looking for? Are you looking for something that can do more than just blend? What’s important to you?

Below are some questions to ask yourself before you head out shopping.

1. What does your blender need to be able to do?

2. What’s your price range?

3. What features are important to you?

4. How many servings do you need to be able to create?

5. Do you prefer preprogramed settings or can you work without them?

6. Do you like to have complete control with a variable control feature, or will high/low work for you?

7. Do you prefer something basic, or more technologically advanced?

8. How much bench space do you have?

How much power do you need?

The Vitamix range offers many different motors to suit the needs of a range of owners. What is suitable for one user might not be suitable for another, depending on what you are looking to blend.

Personal Series: S55, S50, S30
The Personal Series from Vitamix features a 790-watt motor, which ends up being a lot less powerful than several other blenders on the market. That’s not to say the S55, S50 and S30 don’t pack a punch, but they are simply not capable of crushing all ingredients to the desired texture achieved by other ranges produced by Vitamix. While they obliterate almonds, whip cream and blend smoothies with ease, crushing ice can sometimes prove too hard to handle.

Ascent Series: A3500, A3300, A2500, A2300
The Ascent Series from Vitamix can ultimately be considered the Maserati of the full Vitamix range. Not only does it produce a whopping 2.2hp for a range of meal preparation options, but this results in a blade rotation speed of up to 240 miles per hour as well.

If you want your almonds crushed at the speed of aircraft descent, this is the blender for you.

The Ascent Series appeals to a lot of people who wish for variety in their meal preparation. Where other blenders can fail to provide the desired results, the Ascent Series made up of A3500, A3300, A2500 and A2300 prospers.

Legacy Series: 5200, 7500, 750, 780
The Legacy Series is made up of four blenders within the C and G Series from Vitamix. Very few features separate the four blenders from each other, but what is clear is the pure power on offer.

The motor offers two peak horsepower which is ample for the most difficult and stringy ingredients to contend with.

Preprogrammed Settings

It can be easier to decide which Vitamix blender to buy if you know whether you would prefer preprogrammed settings or not. Many blenders within the Vitamix range offer between two and five preprogrammed settings, whilst some offer none at all. It’s up to you to make an informed decision.

What do preprogrammed settings do? They enable you to essentially ‘set and forget’.
They provide the convenience of being able to walk away and still know you can receive consistent results for smoothies, cleaning, soups, desserts, dips and more. Your blender does all the hard work by knowing how long to blend for, and at what speed, for the desired result. It can sometimes be difficult to know what your blender needs to be set at for the perfect soup or dessert. Preprogrammed settings remove the need for you to nurse the blender to the finish line.

Personal Series:
S55 – Four preprogramed settings.
S50 – Two preprogramed settings.
S30 – None.

Legacy Series:
5200 – None.
7500 – None.
750 – Five preprogrammed settings.
780 – Five preprogrammed settings.

Ascent Series:
A3500 – Five preprogrammed settings.
A3300 – None, but it does have a built-in programmable timer which can be set to start and stop based on your own custom recipes.
A2500 – Three preprogrammed settings.
A2300 – None.

Variable Speed

Have you ever had a disaster experience with a blender where your ‘chunky’ salsa became a savory smoothie instead? Vitamix solved this problem with their first range, and continue to counteract the problem on every range to follow. The full Vitamix range comes with a Variable Speed Control option. This lets you fine-tune every texture to be perfect. Whether you require precise chunks or smooth perfection, you can get that result with ease.

Controls & Timer

When you’re trying to decide which Vitamix blender is the best for your particular needs, the controls will certainly make up a huge part of the decision-making process. After all, a Vitamix blender is a big investment, therefore you want to be sure you’ve made the right call. Below we have given you a run down on the various control options for each of the three series: Ascent, Personal and Legacy.

Pulse control:
The pulse control feature is one which enables the user to add coarse layers to an already smooth meal. This is particularly handy for soups, purees and smoothies.

Personal Series:
S55 – Yes.
S50 – Yes.
S30 – Yes.

Legacy Series:
5200 – No. High/low control instead.
7500 – Yes.
750 – Yes.
780 – Yes.

Ascent Series:
A3500 – Touch pulse.
A3300 – Touch pulse.
A2500 – Pulse switch.
A2300 – Pulse switch.

Adding a timer to a blender is a relatively new feature, and it’s one that is beginning to catch on with other brands as well. For now, the Ascent Series is the only range from Vitamix which offers timers. Both the A3500 and A3300 come with a touch programmable timer to tie in with its sleek, touch design. The A2500 and A2300 come with a very convenient digital timer.

Personal Series:

Legacy Series:

Ascent Series

A3500 – Touch programmable timer.

A3300 – Touch programmable timer.

A2500 – Digital timer.

A2300 – Digital timer.

Self-detect Technology

Self-detect technology:
If a blender could get any more convenient, it would need to load the ingredients as well as do the grocery shopping. The new self-detect technology which Vitamix has introduced on its latest Ascent Series, is proving to be popular with people who require a bit of convenience in the kitchen. The self-detect technology is found in the motor base. It works by detecting the particular blade bottoms of Ascent-exclusive self-detect containers. It is able to differentiate between the 64-ounce container, the small 8-ounce bowls and the 20-ounce travel mugs.

So, if this control is a must, any blender from the Ascent range is the Vitamix blender you should buy in 2017.


If design is important to you, you will have a hard time deciding which Vitamix blender will make it into your shopping cart. If there’s one thing Vitamix is good at, it’s making an aesthetically pleasing blender which fits nicely into any kitchen environment.

Personal Series:
The design of the Personal Series from Vitamix will suit many couples, professionals or those with minimal space and time. The S55, S50 and S30 all feature compact and narrow yet sleek motor bases to enable them to fit into the smallest of spaces. If minimal kitchen space is a problem you’re facing, Personal Series blenders ultimately solve it. The S30 and S50 come in either red or black, whilst the S55 is available only in brushed stainless steel.

Legacy Series:
Each of the Legacy Series blenders offer consumers different base and style options.

5200: Classic style motor with various dials for blending. The 5200 comes in black, brushed stainless, platinum, red and white.

7500: The 7500 has a relatively ‘chunky’ motor base. However, it does come with a low-profile container which makes storage far easier than the 5200 with its traditional, tall container. The 7500 comes in black, red and white.

750: The 750 Professional blender within the Legacy Series has an attractive two-tone base. Users can choose from black with a copper metal finish, black with black, or black with a brushed, stainless steel metal finish.

780: The 780 is the most sleek and contemporary out of all blenders within the Legacy Series. It’s sharp, aesthetically pleasing and has touch features for modern convenience. It is available in black or red.

All Ascent Series blenders are relatively similar in design. This is because Vitamix chose to opt for minor feature differences rather than overall different designs for each. The motor base is almost in a ‘wedge’ shape which makes it fit comfortably into any nook and cranny in your kitchen.

The A2300 and the A2500 both come in black, red, slate or white, whilst the A3300 is available in just black or slate. The more premium blender, the A3500, can be purchased in black stainless, brushed stainless metal finish, graphite metal finish, or white.

Out Of The Box

In order to get the full benefits of any kitchen appliances, it pays to have all the accessories to go with it. Some Vitamix blenders come with extra cups and bowls, whilst others just come with standard tampers and cook books. Below are the ‘out of the box’ accessories that come with each Vitamix blender from each series.

  • personal series
  • legacy series
  • Ascent series

S55 – Motor base, 40-ounce container, 20-ounce travel cup, cookbook, low-profile tamper, S-series blade base.

S50 – Motor base, 40-ounce container, 20-ounce travel cup, personal blending cookbook, low-profile tamper, S-series blade base.

S30 – Motor base, 40-ounce container, 20-ounce travel cup, cookbook, low-profile tamper, S-series blade base.


The price of a blender can ultimately help you make your decision. It’s all about weighing up the features in comparison to the price tag.

Whilst one blender might seem like a good deal, its counterpart might offer more features in relation to the price. The best price doesn’t always ensure you get the best product.

That’s why it’s important you review each blender in detail to assure you get the perfect kitchen appliance for you.

These prices below are approximate and are based on the cost of a brand new Vitamix blender. You may be able to get a sharper price if you purchased second-hand, or reconditioned.

Containers & Accessories

If versatility is important to you when you are looking for the best Vitamix blender to buy, it pays to be aware of the many containers and accessories that come with each.

Personal Series:
When you decide the Personal Series from Vitamix is for you, you have access to an extensive range of accessories which make your kitchen experience far greater.

Legacy Series:
The great thing about the Legacy series, is there are so many container options. This means you can cater to large family meals, as well as those ‘grab and go’ occasions.

Ascent Series:
Some accessories within the Ascent range are exclusive to Ascent Series blenders. Although some users saw this as an inconvenience due to not being able to interchange them, it actually highlighted the importance of moving ahead. The reason for the Ascent-exclusive range is the self-detect technology the bowls and containers possess. The 8-ounce bowls, the 64-ounce container and the 20-ounce travel cups all have self-detect technology.

These accessories include:

· Perfect Blend Smart Scale and Recipe App

· 20-ounce container cup

· Filtration bag

· Stainless steel smoothie cup

· Low profile tamper

· Flip-top beverage bottle

· S-Series blade base

· All-purpose spatula

· 3-piece spatula set

Accessories include:

· Perfect Blend Smart Scale and Recipe App

· 48-ounce container

· 32-ounce dry grains container

· 32-ounce container

· Filtration bag

· Tamper holder

· Stainless steel smoothie cup

· Personal cup adapter

· Mini-tamper

· Low-profile tamper

· Low profile 64-ounce container

· Flip-top beverage bottle

· Blending cup starter kit

· Perfect Blend Smart Scale and Recipe App

· Blending bowl starting kit

· Stainless steel smoothie cup

· Flip-top beverage bottle

· Filtration bag

· Low-profile tamper

· All-purpose spatula

· 3-piece spatula set


Most blenders on the market offer, on average, a 12-month warranty period. This warranty generally covers manufacturer faults on both parts and the motor. However, blenders from Vitamix offer far better warranties. Vitamix has so much faith in their product that they offer several different warranty options for consumers.

Personal Series:
5-year warranty

Legacy Series:
7-year warranty

Ascent Series:
10-year warranty


Best Vitamix For Everyday Use

Personal Series S30
The Personal Series S30 is a good option for professionals, couples and singles with no large families to prepare dinner for. Don’t let its small size deceive you. This blender is packed full of power to create single and double servings with ease.

It comes with two blending containers – a 20-ounce travel cup and 40-ounce container, both convenient for meal preparation. Whether it’s soup, sauce or frozen dessert, you are sure to enjoy the versatility on offer from the S30.

It also features a variable speed control function, as well as a pulse control to give you full control in the kitchen.

Personal Series S50
The S50 is a small, yet mighty blender capable of creating a range of meals. Not only is it the perfect fit for most countertops, but it also features two pre-programmed settings. These settings enable you to create smoothies and power blend recipes without the need to fiddle with settings. Simply set and walk away.
It also comes with two containers – one is a 40-ounce container, perfect for dinner for two, as well as a handy 20-ounce travel cup which is a good size to carry your smoothie on your way to work. These containers are dishwasher safe, as are the seals, lids and the blade base.

Personal Series S55
The Personal Series S55 is considered the premium option in the Personal Series range. It has four pre-programmed settings, a variable speed control option, as well as being well priced on the market for a range of buyers. If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to clean, don’t panic! The containers, blade base, lids and seals can all be packed in the dishwasher to be cleaned easily. There’s no hassle with scrubbing and rinsing to get them sparkling clean again. For convenience, this blender also comes with both a 40-ounce container and a 20-ounce cup.

Best Vitamix For Beginners

Ascent Series A2300
The Ascent Series A2300 is the most basic model within the Ascent Series, but it doesn’t lack for anything. It has variable speed control, a pulse function as well as built-in wireless connectivity to take your blending experience to the next level. The built-in timer also removes the guesswork from blending which allows you to achieve the perfect texture with every meal.

Ascent Series A2500
The Ascent Series A2500 is packed full of features for a convenient blending experience. Firstly, you have three preprogrammed settings to use for smoothies, soups and frozen desserts. Your blender will then automatically adjust its settings to suit the particular Ascent container you choose to undertake the blending process within.

The variable speed control and pulse features give you full control, whilst the 10-year warranty (available with all Ascent Series blenders) provides complete customer confidence.

This blender also has a digital timer to remove the guesswork from your recipes. All in all, it’s a blender which is well worth the cost, and looks stunning in any kitchen environment.

Ascent Series A3300
The Ascent Series A3300 is one of the more premium blenders within the Ascent Series. It features a sleek, touch button design, as well as being available in two contemporary colors.
it has a built-in programmable timer to enable you to process custom recipes accurately, as well as built-in wireless connectivity to work in conjunction with the self-detect containers. If you’re looking for a blender which is leading the way in technology, this blender is the answer.

Ascent Series A3500
The A3500 model is the epitome of quality, and it’s fast becoming a popular option with cooks. It has five preprogrammed settings – hot soups, dips and spreads, frozen desserts and self-cleaning, as well as featuring touch components for a sleek design and easy-clean surface.

It also features built-in wireless connectivity, variable controls and a pulse feature.

Best Vitamix For The Money

Legacy Series 5200
The Legacy Series 5200 is a good, all-round blender that’s perfect for family meals. It has a large 64-ounce jug and variable speed control. This blender is also very powerful and has the ability to pulverize seeds and blend and cook soups with accuracy and precision.

Best Vitamix For Baby Food

Legacy Series 750

This two-tone 750 model is an attractive blender that has earnt its place in any cook’s kitchen. It offers five pre-programmed settings, a commercial grade motor, an easy-clean setting and a low-profile 64-ounce container. It’s versatile, durable, and will fit into any kitchen environment with ease.

Legacy Series 7500

One of the reasons why the Legacy Series 7500 is so popular is because of its versatility. It can cook large batches, has a powerful 2.2hp engine, can be stored easily with its low-profile container and has a pulse and variable control option.

It can also create several different textures with culinary precision to impress all your dinner guests.

For the money, it also offers plenty of bang for your buck.

Best Vitamix For Smoothies

Legacy Series 780

The 780 model is the epitome of quality. It has a responsive touchscreen control panel, is easy to store, has five pre-programmed settings and a pulse feature to add choppy layers to a smooth, silky puree. The 780 is one of the most popular blenders and is a worthy component against other blenders on the market.

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